Which of These 5 Instantly Useable Back Pain Relief Secrets Will Alleviate Your Misery?

Back PainWhether it’s a constant, dull ache in your lower back; a band of excruciating pain across your upper back; a sudden twinge when you bend; or a sharp stabbing spasm that takes your breathe away as you straighten up - one thing is for sure - back pain makes you feel miserable.

And yet - with less than half-an hour of slow, controlled, gentle exercise - the right exercise - you can gain enormous relief. I’ll tell you more about that - plus 5 crucial back-strain relief tips you can use immediately - in a moment.

Let me share the 5 secret back pain relief tips I promised you can use immediately to get you started on your path to pain relief…

Eliminate Back Strain Tip # 1

If your back pain is not the result of an injury like whiplash, a nasty fall or accident, it is probably caused through back strain; exerting undue pressure on your back muscles. What’s more the strain you’re applying may not be that obvious.

You see, when we bend to pick up something heavy we know there’s going to be some pull on our back muscles as we lift and straighten up - and knowing how to lift properly helps prevent injury.

What we don’t always realise is being overweight - just a half or one stone overweight also puts pressure on our backs. In some ways it is worse because the strain is constant.

Imagine taking a 14lb sack of potatoes and strapping it to your stomach. You’d soon be worn down carrying that lot around, wouldn’t you? Picture the relief you’d feel when you took it off!

Check your weightCheck your weight.

"Could you do with losing a few pounds to give your back some respite? If your answer is “yes” then the next challenge is how?

The one consensus of opinion is you need to diet and exercise if you want to lose weight.


That could be a problem… it’s a vicious circle… you can’t exercise because your back hurts… your back hurts because of the weight you’re carrying… you can’t lose the weight without exercising… you can’t exercise because… and so on!

The good news is you can start with the correct, extremely gentle, stretch exercises; adjust your eating habits and - as your back gets stronger - increase your exercise activity. I’ll explain more about the exercises it is safe for you to do in a moment.

Eliminate Back Strain Tip # 2

Sitting! Either slouched on the couch or hunched over your computer keyboard. Both positions put an unnatural strain on your back. Instead of wallowing on the settee, try getting a firm cushion to support your back. Even if you only use it for some of the time it will help reduce your aches.

Check your weightWorking at your desk or in front of a computer takes a bit more conscious thought. I tended to sit towards the front of my chair, sometimes with my legs or ankles crossed and tucked under the chair; other times I’d lean to one side with my head resting on my left hand whilst using a computer mouse with my right.

And I wondered why I used to get back ache!

Do you find yourself doing something similar? Simply shifting my position, so my back was resting straight against the back of the chair, gave some sweet relief. Try it!

And, of course, taking frequent breaks; just sitting straighter or standing and stretching helps to loosen muscles that are getting cramped.

If you experience constant pain when sitting you should check your chair; is it a good fit for you? Do you need to change it? You might want to consider getting an ergonomic chair or stool to encourage you to keep the correct posture when you are sitting.

Since using the gentle stretching exercises to strengthen my back, which I’m going to tell you about shortly, I’ve found I don’t get anywhere near as many aches - even though I still sometimes forget and realise I haven’t kept an ideal sitting position all day.

Eliminate Back Strain Tip # 3

Are your shoes a pain?Are your shoes a pain? If you are on your feet most of the day and your back aches unbearably at the end of the day, your problem could be two-fold: incorrectly fitted shoes and bad posture.

Even if you spend a fortune on the best shoes on the market, if they are not a proper fit they cannot support you adequately. That’s why it is important for you to make sure your shoes are the correct size, both in length and width. Sometimes using insoles provides better support too - you may need to get these customised to your specific needs.

If your job means you are constantly standing in one place you might want to consider getting a foot pad. These pads help to cushion your body to a certain extent by making sure all your weight is not pushing your feet into a hard floor which puts a strain on your leg and back muscles. You may be surprised at how much using a pad can help with alleviating your back problem. Think about it - remember a time when you walked into a room that had a thick, luxurious carpet - how good did that feel? You’d get a similar effect with a good foot pad.

You might even be able to persuade your employer to provide one for you - especially as it could help avoid health problems from work-related injuries.

Think about how you stand. Are your legs straight? Are your knees locked? Do you stand with one leg bent, effectively tilting your pelvic girdle to one side? If you’re standing for long periods then your stance can create or exacerbate your back pain.

Try relaxing your knees slightly and tilt your pelvic girdle slightly forward - has that taken the pressure of your back? Tightening your stomach muscles to give your back a band of support can also help - a bit like the back-support belts weight-lifters use. Making slight adjustments like this to your posture can help prevent the worst back ache.

Combine these with just over 20 minutes of gentle stretching or Pilates exercise each day and, as your back muscles become stronger and more supple, you’ll find you suffer fewer aches and painful shooting spasms.

Eliminate Back Strain Tip # 4

Are your shoes a pain?How stressed are you? Sometimes back pain is a psychosomatic response to stress. It’s all in your head! Well, some of it may be!

The thing I’ve noticed with stress is some people grind their teeth; others hold themselves taught and that creates tension in your muscles - especially neck and shoulder muscles. And - yes, you’ve guessed it - because those muscles are connected to your back it adds extra tension and puts an added strain on your back.

Ideally you need to relax these muscles. A relaxing soak in a hot bath can do wonders. Or gentle breathing exercises; or even… bliss! a relaxing massage can help (take a look at the brilliant bonus DVD I’m offering).

Eliminate Back Strain Tip # 5

Drink plenty of waterNow this may seem like a strange tip; have a glass of water, or 2 or 3!


Because dehydration dries out your spinal discs, muscles and tendons which means they are not as flexible or supple as they should be.

We are always being told to “drink more water” and this is one instance where taking that advice can be hugely beneficial. What have you got to lose?

Is your back aching now - a dull, energy draining ache, perhaps? Then have a couple of long, cool, energising glasses of water. Noticed any difference? Even if you didn’t notice any immediate change you’ve already started on the tried and tested road to pain relief. Now all you need to do is add an additional long-term remedy…

Build Your Core Strength…

Do you think sparing less than 30 minutes each day is a good investment for gaining welcome relief from the constant misery of your back pain?

Back Pain Relief SecretsI did! And that’s why I decided to see what the ‘Back Pain Relief Secrets’ programme had to offer.

I’m glad I did because the difference is amazing, thanks to these gentle routines.

Now, I’m not going to tell you your back pain will disappear overnight - after all it’s taken a lifetime - your lifetime - of bad posture and added strain to develop these aches and pains that are making your life unbearable.

What I discovered, from experience, is a few minutes - as I said, less than 30 minutes - each day - can strengthen your back gently and safely and reduce the pain.

I did it - you can too!

Back Pain Relief SecretsYou might find it takes a couple of weeks or a month; it all depends upon how limited your flexibility is to start with, but I promise, it’s worth persevering to regain the freedom of movement you had before your back imprisoned you in this band of pain.

Combining these exercises with the strain-reducing tips I revealed above combats the damage you’ve inflicted on your back over the years and helps you avoid further injury. You too can enjoy these pleasures again…

  • Bend and straighten without pain; no more getting stuck half-way up!
  • Enjoy family walks; no spoiling the outing by having to stop and rest frequently (as I used to do).
  • Take pleasure in your driving; no more lumber region throbbing as you attempt to shift your seating position
  • Play with your children or grandchildren; no sudden spasms stopping your enjoyment
  • Be invigorated with a wonderful, smile-inducing, feeling of well-being; I hadn’t realised how the constant pain drained my energy - I feel so much more alive!

Isn’t it time you banished your back pain and enjoyed life again?

Hundreds of people are discovering these astonishingly easy exercise sequences that help alleviate - or even avoid - the pain created by back strain.

The ‘Back Pain Relief Secrets’ DVD programme set, which is new to the UK market, shows you exactly how…

In less than 30 minutes, each DVD takes you through gentle exercises designed to carefully and safely stretch and relax your back muscles and tendons, building a stronger core in your spine which helps prevent future pain-inducing injuries.

Start with DVD 1: Gentle Stretching Exercises (24 Minutes)

Back Pain Relief Secrets DVD #1

 DVD 2: Back-Strengthening Pilates (27 Minutes)


And all this is yours for the painless price of just £17

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction 100% GuaranteeAlthough I know you’ll quickly start to feel the benefits of these gentle exercises, all in less than 30 minutes, I’m giving you a full 30 days to review and try these routines for yourself.

If you don’t feel these DVDs have delivered valuable methods you can use immediately, to improve your back and enhance your enjoyment of life, then simply ask for a full and courteous refund within 30 days.

By now, you’re probably excited thinking about the pain-free days ahead, so go on – order your Back Pain Relief Secrets DVD set now.

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